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Get detailed full analytical reporting

Reach customers with large dwell time

Mobile activation fully tracked conversions

Achieve the impossible

Mobile Mobile Mobile No other forms of marketing reaches people in their dwell time like Bar Advertising. Customers on average spend 45 minutes in a bar.

During this time they are playing with, looking at and touching our coasters. It’s tactile, engaging and I stand mobile activation, via QR code.

4 Week Campaign

Design of all artwork

Coaster Print & Production

Integrated SMS Platform

Campaign tracking

Understand the power of your marketing objectives with full analytical reporting which keep you in control

4 Week Campaign

We build our campaigns over 4 week periods across multiples of 200 venues. You can activate across 200/400/600/1000 in your chosen cities.


With QR code readers built into every mobile device, you know that your target market is ready and waiting to connect


With our dedicated replenishment teams you can sleep safe knowing that we will be getting your business in front of a targeted audience we ensure all coasters are hand delivered by our teams.

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No other company can offer the sheer scale and blend of audience available through our network. Our 18 plus audience who by their presence have considerable dwell time, ensure deep market penetration, and drives branding and acquisition.

Our Product

Our coaster marketing service out performs TV, radio, print and online social media. It’s performance based, and highly targeted.

Our methods

We can GEO target by area, venues, postcode, region, or country.

Our Venues

What our customers say

Team were A1 simple easy and it delivered we keep using them

Conversions were higher than our digital channels

Traffic was above what we expected

It’s mobile traffic it’s mobile advertising

In a world of digital I though media was dead, how wrong I was Bar advertising delivered

They took care of everything from design to distribution

Simple straight forward

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