Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to Bar Advertising USA LLC.

All orders, either verbal or written, are accepted subject to these terms and conditions, and it is entirely you the clients responsibility to read and be satisfied with these before placing any business or order with Bar Advertising USA LLC.

All orders must be paid for in advance before any campaign starts, except if you are advised in writing otherwise. An email or telephone call confirming you wish to proceed, is the basis of you the client being considered in contract, and an order in place.

You will at this time be considered to be bound contractually. Any cancellation must be made in writing to Bar Advertising USA LLC within 48 hours of this point. In this event cancellation will incur a 50% cancellation charge to cover our provision costs.

Any cancellations after this period for whatever reason will be subject to a fee not lower than 100% of the campaign cost.

You the client also agree to reimburse us any associated costs with recoveries and debt collection including missing payments. In addition to these costs any legal or ancillary costs needed to recover your missing payment will also be met by you.

We may provide the service ourselves or sub contract the campaign to several providers to deliver the service. Once a campaign has started required, you the client are to provide all commercial support and technical support needed to fulfil the campaign. If this does not happen or the support is not deemed to be sufficient we reserve the right to terminate the contract with no notice or compensation.

Any tracking and sign up process is the client’s sole responsibility. You must ensure this process works across all platforms, including mobile and iPad, at all times. If the signup process does not work, or there are technical issues in tracking, sign up or availability of the site these must be resolved within 24 hours.

If there is no resolution within this time frame then you agree to compensate us for the potential loss of customers and any associated financial loss. This includes but is not limited to loss of new depositing players/ customers which will be offset against any target.. Any financial loss, including but not limited to venue hire, promotional staff, transport and associated costs. This agreement and terms, holds preference over any terms associated with any affiliate agreement or contract that we may agree to now or at a later date.

You agree to ensure all bonus offers, and/ or any sign up bonus is attributed to the customer’s account within 24 hours of each customer sign up. If you do not add the bonus or sign up bonus to the customer’s account within this timeframe, then we reserve the right not to fulfil the remaining contractual agreement.

The contract will then be cancelled and you will forsake all monies paid. You agree not to hold Bar Advertising USA LLC, its employees, consultants, agents, directors, subsidiaries, contractors or subcontractors liable for any loss of income, damage, revenue or subsequential or consequential loss howsoever caused as a result of any order or campaign.

You also agree not to make, or publish, any comment regarding Bar Advertising USA LLC or endorse any social networking, public forum, or other online or offline activity or publication that may discuss Bar Advertising USA LLC without specific written confirmation from Bar Advertising USA LLC.

In relation to any distribution of beer mats, bar runners or other promotional activity, we may at our discretion sub-contract the delivery of these items to a third party. If you fail to deliver on time to us any artwork, images links, SMS code or other information needed to produce or work on the marketing material. Then you the client agree to forfeit the campaign in its entirety and any monies paid in relation to the contract plus ancillary charges or costs as required and at our discretion.

We may use venues that have a commercial relationship with us or not in order to distribute the promotional material.

We may provide a named bar list but not full address details.

Any distribution is performed on the basis that we will, use our best endeavors to ensure that the promotional material is displayed at the agreed number of venues.

We do not guarantee that the materials will be displayed at all venues at all times and make no warranty or guarantees to that effect.

Any deliveries, maintenance, or ad hoc distribution services are done so on a best endeavor basis. If we are distributing or installing promotional or other products other than beer mats we do so either directly or by use of third parties and offer no warranty or guarantee or indemnity as to the successful outcome of such install or distribution, we also expect the client to have made arrangements or have in place agreements to allow these installs and or distributions to take place. This may or may not include obtaining access or permissions from any venue or distribution destination.

It is up to the client to ensure that all legal permissions and or agreements are in place for the content on the coasters to be legal within the country and or state that we distribute in.

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